The creative process: From the mindset to the making to the magic

They’re scared because creative work is as terrifying as it is gratifying.

You’ve put a large piece of yourself into this project. What if people don’t like it? What if someone tries to force you to change it? Creating was done in private, but soon you’ll have to explain and discuss in public. What if that’s painful? What if you can’t do it justice?

This fear isn’t comfortable, but it’s a good sign. It will make you diligent.

The hunger and drive to create something great, coupled with the sincere belief that you can do it, can very quickly trip into delusion and hubris if you’re not vigilant.

The more nervous and scared you are—the more you feel compelled to go back and improve and tweak because you’re just not ready—the better it bodes for the project. Because your goal is one that should make any rational person tremble a bit.

Let that feeling guide you. Honor it.

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