The decade of Angels and entrepreneurs in India: Paul Singh [UnPluggd Speaker #3]

This decade will be remembered as the rise of the Angels and entrepreneurs and he’s got unlimited money for S**t that works, says Paul Singh of 500 Startups. It’s hard to summarize everything he said at the sixth edition of UnPluggd but if you missed the talk, you’d have to make do with the slide embedded below until we host the video a little later.

So far, 500 startups has invested in over 10 Indian companies including, MyGola and CucumberTown. The accelerator had recent announced its partnership with Rajesh Sawhney’s GSF India Accelerator.   500 startups has already invested in nearly 400 companies and has presence in Brazil, Japan, and Mexico and now in India and New York City. The accelerator is also raising a $5 million micro fund to invest in India. If you are looking to pitch to 500 Startups in India, Pankaj Jain who they hired recently is your guy.

Quotable quote

“Why most investors are A**h**es? The person who writes you a check is not the person who pays the money.” Paul Singh, Partner, 500 Startups.
“Founders and VC role is almost similar- Founders are responsible to their consumer and investors (us) and we are to our consumer (startups) and Investors”