The Difference Between Ola and Uber #Community

So both Ola and Uber have been asked to stop cab sharing service starting tomm.
While Ola hasn’t really talked about it much, Uber has taken the Karnataka government head on and the company has gone ahead and started a petition asking Bangaloreans to sign the petition.

As a Bangalore resident, you can make a difference by speaking up on how uberPOOL is making our city a better place to live in. Help make sure our city moves forward on ridesharing, through products like uberPOOL and uberMOTO. We’re excited for Bangalore to join other progressive cities around the world by embracing the benefits ridesharing brings to cities, by working with the government of Karnataka.

The difference
Ola has taken a very corporate-ish route – they will speak to the government and as always will use the PR route to drive their agenda.
Uber has taken the community approach – the company will ofcourse do what Ola is doing, but they are also involving the community in this cause (link).
For Ola, it’s a feature / service that they are going after (guys : first fix your new beta site – which isn’t even production ready).
Uber makes it a cause – it’s the same thing as terrorist attack in Mumbai was called ‘Mumbai attack’ and 9/11 became a global war on terrorism.
Cause matters. 

Uber is rallying the community for this cause. And this isn’t just about Uber customers – they will also get support from Ola customers.

Involving community not just brings the brand more closer to people’s heart, but also puts the brand a notch above competitors. Plus, provides a better negotiation power with the stakeholders once you show that the community stands by you.
What’s your take?

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