The #DigitalFine: Indigo and SpiceJet make web check-in paid service

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The #DigitalFine: Indigo and SpiceJet make web check-in paid service

Both Indigo and Spicejet airlines have made web check-in a paid service.

While Check-ins at airports will be free, you will have to pay Rs. 100 for web check-in at IndiGo and Rs. 99 for SpiceJet airlines.

An Important milestone for #DigitalIndia

Are the airlines right in doing so? Consumers definitely don’t believe so, but here is the thing.

Airlines have just un-bundled their web check-in service (totally legal, as per DGCA) and started charging for a feature, which is probably used more than airport check-in service.

Isn’t this similar to a ticketing platform like Bookmyshow charging convenience fee (and ensuring a smooth entry with all the backend tech integration at the theater)? Of course, there are many questions regarding the impact of this on the operational aspects of the airport – more people waiting at the check-in gate, more flight delays etc etc; but these airlines have just converted a free feature into a paid-one, just like your normal saas / consumer product.

And the fact that there is an outrage means that there is a huge need and like most things in life, people will settle down with some opting for convenience and some, offline check-ins.

Will this make fellow citizens realize that ‘all services on Internet’ can’t be free forever?

If a service is useful – maybe, start paying for it?

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