The Do not do list!

Doppelganger Danger

Cloning usually fails. Copy all you want, and you’ll always be one step behind. Stay original with your startup and let the world copy you.

Customers—What Customers?

Founders and CEOs, meet your true boss: your customers. Your customer is in charge and can fire everybody in your company. Pay adequate attention to them.

Messed-Up MVP

Not having a minimal viable product makes your startup as likely to succeed as a team without a single Most Valuable Player.

Analysis Paralysis

Bogged down by statistics, research, and more? Stop and take a breather. Research is essential to making sound business decisions, but don’t let it stop you from making a decision at all.

Cheating and Ripping People Off

It sounds like a no-brainer, but the temptation to cheat your way to possible success is a real problem in the startup world. Spoiler alert: It never ends well.

Getting Funded

If you aren’t independently wealthy with money to burn, funding is something that cannot be ignored when creating a startup.

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