The G-Force: Guruji or Google?

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The G-Force: Guruji or Google?

Well this is what I received regarding in the morning from a close and not-so-net-savvy friend of mine:


Heard the latest news? India has stopped googling for music and has started using the the No. 1 music search engine instead It’s the only website where you can get all Indian music from 1932 to 2009.

Join the gang, stop googling for music. Search Music and Get Music MP3 downloads on Try it, for music it clearly beats google and all other music sites hands down.

Good site to try it once for music.

Pass this mail to your friends as well.


And I thought wow, wow, wow. Wait a minute. Is music still on the top of our minds? Or is it only the free stuff that we are interested in? Aren’t we all supposed to kill piracy and stop searching for illegal free music, bit torrent and p2p stuff?

Well whatever happened to integrity, Guruji too interestingly shows the same message quite prominently on their home page: “Thank you for making us No.1 in Music Search!, (As per independent third party research)”.

While the top destination site from Guruji does seem to be a Pakistani music site but as per data from the traffic curve of Guruji has been on a decline since May, 2009.

Does anyone care to explain this? Who initiated this email fission? Sounds fishy, does it?

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