The Great Indian Ec(h)osystem!

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The Great Indian Ec(h)osystem!

Some gems I heard over the two days I was at the Nasscom Product Conclave (All paraphrased. Non italicized bits are mine):

  • Indians don’t take risks. Yeah, right.
  • Indians are immature. We should read more books. Whoa, there!
  • Indians don’t know how to sell 🙂

So, more or less, “Me = All Indian” seems to be a strong foundation of the ecosystem. Add to that the repetition of the sentiment. And again. And expertise is thus born!

The hordes selling Tally, and of course making it, and the numerous loads who set up Potels, and the Tata Nano and the risk associated with buying a JLR or a Corus, the buying and selling of Glaceau – I guess no Indians in any of those pictures, eh ?

Ok, sorry about the sarcasm etc. I will confess it did get my goat and this was not a mature reaction. Should probably go read a book to figure that one out 😀

Seriously. Guys, please.

There are numerous other Indians who take risks, sell awesomely, and while they might not read books, their business maturity will be the content of many. Hordes of them.

We’re the nation who’s everywhere – amongst the largest trading, immigrating, innovating populations. (Its not, repeat not, repeat not about patents and lab research alone. Please get over that inferiority complex of yours. Please.) Yes, I personally suck at a lot of these attributes, and would love to learn how to deal with this gap. So do a lot many from the technology space, and this is surely a gap we need to bridge (probably through partnering).

So lets please find those Indians, learn from them. The sweeping generalizations will not help. A, amongst a gazillion similar examples, sucked as much, and the nationality tag doesn’t help at all!

If we all become a little more straightforward, show a little more honesty and humility, and focus on the solutions, we might yet create an ecosystem. Judgmental generalizations, though, will probably not be part of that…

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