That’s How I Want To Build My E-Commerce Company (in India)

I want people to actually understand the need of my company in their life!

[Editorial notes: Guest article contributed by Sahil Bagla, Co-founder Sahil claims to be one of those champs who prefers to order it online whenever his mom asks me to bring some vegetables from the market. That is, a true ecommerce guy.]

I am a passionate follower of most of the e-commerce companies of India. But there is something that made me bit skeptical about the success of e-commerce industry. Let me start here :

Everyday few new emails pop up into my account asking to put bluegape discount coupons on their website. We have put our coupons on most of the mobile recharge sites and some other deal sites. Guess what, we got a good amount of traction from them. But I was always curious to see what can excite people about bluegape and it’s products apart from giving away discounts coupons. For me It was more important to understand what is that actually excites a customer about most of the e-commerce companies.

A quick Google search gave me this result:


And the results were very astonishing for me. It’s always the word discount coupon that follows after the company’s name. Is this due to customers who have changed their perspective for the e-commerce companies or Is it e-commerce companies who are in the league to lure their customers with fancy discount coupons. Whatever be the case is, but I am sure this psychology will ruin the e-commerce industry in India soon.

Then I took a deep breathe and did the same exercise for Amazon and here’s the result :

People search Amazon for it’s products and not because of coupon codes. They love Amazon for what it delivers.

Now may be all these e-commerce companies can call it customer acquisition cost as they have million dollars in their bank account from their VCs and I don’t. But even if I will raise million dollars as I want to build a company where people will know us because of our product, value and services, not because of discount codes. I want  people to actually understand the need of my company in their life.

What about you? What’s your opinion?

[Reproduced from Sahil’s blog.]

[Adds team: Essentially, Sahil is trying to make an important point that discount coupons alone won’t make a healthy business in the long run. Resonates with what we wrote earlier: The Missing Piece Among Indian Ecommerce Players : C.R.M]

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