The Marketing Framework for 2021: Avoid Ads.

Marketing isn’t a scam Marketing makes change happen. Marketing makes your creations known I’ll share some tactics & frameworks I use How to get lucky in marketing in 2021:
How marketing has evolved: Marketing used to be a contest for attention But now, marketing is a contest for CONNECTION Whoever owns the connection, wins
Turn your product into a social statement Products that make you feel good or defend you from being cancelled, spread fast Ex: Make clothes out of recycled plastic Point: People want a chance to show they stand for something
Are you working with creators? Some of the world’s biggest brands were catapulted in the 1960s via TV Brands bought TV ads. Captured attention Working with creators is like buying TV ads in the 1960s Point: Co-building with the right creators is like fishing with dynamite
Avoid ads. Build media companies Prediction: every public company will own a media arm It’s a magical shortcut to building true fans Ads just don’t hit the same way
Scarcity creates value Scarcity creates tension Scarcity creates word-of-mouth Scarcity sells Limited number of physical pieces Limited number of NFTs Limited number of events Limited spots in your community
“Drops” are the new marketing A drop is a product (often separate from your brand) that creates viral moments in your community I’d suggest creating a “Drop Roadmap” launching 3-4 drops per year Goal: to create trust and spread the word Point: drop the ads, and build drops
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Recap: A few marketing tactics & frameworks for 2021: – Create scarcity – Build media arms – Co-create with creators – Define your social statement – Don’t trust yourself. Trust your community – Connection > attention

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