Lights, Camera, Brains: Now, Here is a movie you control with your mind

Remember two different endings of Bollywood movie (starring Prateik-Amy Jackson) Ekk Deewana Tha?
Well, University of Nottingham’s Richard Ramchurn (who last tried blink-based control in another movie – The Disadvantages of Time Travel) is going way ahead than that in giving viewers a bigger remote-control of choice. He is flipping the script with AI, literally. The movie The Moment lets you (the viewer) be the director by using your brain’s electrical activity via an EEG headset.
As your mind changes, so would the music, scenes and animation here. It is a 27-minute experience and really takes the idea of brain-computer interface to an extreme level. That meant 101 trillion versions for those 27 minutes; and 6 times the audio and 3 times the footage for the makers.
The brain impact on how the movie unfolds can be either conscious or controlled. It is already out of the bag and up for small screenings as well as film-festivals.
Would you let a lean-back experience like a movie turn into a lean-in one though? Wasn’t that the last bit of lazy leisure left for mankind?