The New Facebook Design…Is Facebook Becoming More User-Centric?

So I just switched to new Facebook design and let me tell you this.

I stopped actively using Facebook for almost a year or so but the new design is not just refreshing, it comes with a lot of algo changes as well.

Apart from a 10X better typography and focus on content, the biggest change that I am seeing is updates from humans (i.e. my fraands on facebook), groups (which I am part of) and pages (I follow) – this is very unlike last year, where FB would just push random pages and videos on your feed.

Since I love communities (you should also join the NextBigWhat community group on FB), I see a lot more focus on groups and events – the two most important jobs where Facebook can actually help publishers with distribution (and will monetize well in return).

This is pretty much inline with what Mark Zuckerberg announced last year – so great to see FB walking the talk, unlike most.

Will Facebook become relevant again? Well, FWIW the revenue hasn’t been impacted by the recent controversies on privacy etc, but clearly the company seems to bring back the focus on the product, before it starts to become irrelevant.

Future is something Zuck gets quite well.


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