The ONE big lesson from this downturn

That the market is always right. Always.

There is only one side of the market and it is not the bull side or the bear side, but the right side. – Jesse Livermore

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Meta shutting down NFT support, SVB collapse, end of get-rich-quick-(crypto)-schemes, startup funding crunch: all of these are good indicators that while the Twitter tech-bros-and-sis are buying (and selling) their kool aids, the world hardly cares, hardly gives a damn.

The market is what it is.

The market is right. Always.

Market has no patience for one’s cool shit.

People are busy living their lives.

They have no time to try your cool stuff.

Unless it solves their problem(s).

Unless you put an effort and fit-in to their lives.

Unless you serve a job in your customer’s lives.

As ProductGeeks/makers/founders/leaders, we need to fit-in, find a place in people’s lives and not the other way round.

Now that the (nude) party is over, let’s get back to building products that matters, knowing that the market is always right.

-Ashish Sinha, A ProductGeek!

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