The Only Metric That Matters In Your Team : DOSAY

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The Only Metric That Matters In Your Team : DOSAY

If you are a company (startup/SME) willing to put an end to bureaucracy in your organization and focus on a productive team, read on.

Typically, companies tend to create a complex performance metrics that eventually serves one purpose – justify your decision. The decision that is shared at the D-day, i.e. appraisal cycle (could be of salary cut, promotion etc) and is hardly based on quantitative data (bell curve, anyone?).

But then, that complex structure works for big companies. Objective/Goal setting is done at the beginning of the cycle and tends to lose meaning during the year.

Startups, on the other hand have their own challenges – apart from the fact that they have no formal processes in place, the founders are mostly clueless about the HR/performance measurement part of the team. They tend to adopt a simple process – or to be honest just go with their subjective assessment. Works for a small team, but in the long run creates the same frustration that employees of big companies face – decision based on boss’ mood/relationship/proximity etc.

So here is how to cut through all of that and create a fair balance of performance awareness in the team.


Whatever task management system you are using, people in your team are committing to doing certain tasks every week. That’s SAY (#measurable).

After every week, measure how much they have done. That’s DO (#measurable).

It’s as simple as that. Unless you have a team that doesn’t want to commit to doing quantifiable tasks, the system will work without much of complexity.

Benefits? : Measuring a number brings transparency to the system. It will help you (the manager/founder) understand who deserves a hike and who needs to reminded of slipping performance. It is also a great scoreboard to keep track of on a day to day basis – or should that be say to say basis? :).

Unless you have a bias (which means you should go back to bell curve), the DO:SAY will transparently bring performance metrics to the team and will back any future action (be it hike or layoff).

For illustration sake, here is a 2*2 of DO:SAY that you could follow in your company.


What About the Founder? How does one measure the performance?

Well, abide by what Rowdy Rathore famously said!

THE CHEAT SHEET, courtesy Rowdy Rathore
THE CHEAT SHEET, courtesy Rowdy Rathore

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