The Pluses, the Minuses and the Things in Between

One does not have to be an M.B.A from a top management schools to start/sustain/make profit/market in business. If that was the case Manjunath Tea Stall in Chikpet would not be able to take 2000 orders for tea and coffee each day with a simple concept of asking his customers to give his cell phone a missed call to get the coffee/tea delivered. If there is an urge to succeed, then with plain observation products from any arena can be promoted.

The Pluses in Names

Faith plays a vital role in the medicine field. None would want to take a risk in health and matters associated with it. There is a doctor I know who specialized in Obstetrics and Gynecology. She used to see people in a private nursing home as a start-up. Gradually she became the name in the city with folks wanting to get the apple of their eyes to be delivered only by her.

Further she updated her qualification by doing a research program on “Reproductive Medicine”. For obvious reasons few years later she decided to have a hospital of her own which would specialize in complicated cases and cases where in chances of conceiving was negative. Set-ups were done and then it came to naming the firm. Most of the friends and well wishers suggested it to be in her own name so that people would come by without much hassles.

She went against all and named it as “Nagu” [meaning “Smile” in Kannada], specialist in infertility disorders. The patients actually did not turn up to this new set-up. People who are happy would never go to a clinic and who are not would not want to go to a clinic which has a humor related name. It was not a matter to laugh about. So finally she had to change the name to “Santhathi” [meaning “one’s kid” in Kannada].

& then there was no looking back.

The Minuses in Games

The latest product of cricket, IPL was a commercial hit. The sponsors, the cricketers, the venues, the owners, the media, the airlines and all the people associated with it all made easy & fast money. There was a group of ‘not-so-young-creative’ crazy cricket fans from Bengaluru.

They came up with some whacky lyrics, composed music to it, added a little rap, made few talented singers sing it, recorded it and launched as “Thakath Song” for the Royal Challengers Bangalore Team. The song had all the elements of youth and josh in it. It was on the mirchi station every hour. The world space too played it too many time. But an IIMB guy in the group did not know the way to market the song to ‘King of Good Times’.

To add some tadka to the failure, the boys did not perform well in the first season. Hence the effort, the money all went for a toss. Just a good strategy could have resulted in selling the song to ‘Indiatimes’, the global ring tone provider. Or may be playing the song in the stadium while the match was on to instill some josh to the players, market the song to the team, put the song along with the official song in the CD and collect the stake out of the sales.

So it’s just an unheard song now.

The Initiatives in Between

Software Paradigms Infotech is an IT and BPO provider that drives low costs and system performance through its world-class, enterprise solutions. A touch of humbleness along with business can make a whole lot of difference to any organization. Sponsoring kids in schools, providing basic needs for an orphanage are common practices in IT world.

But as a part of its Corporate Social Responsibility, SPI opened its doors for visually challenged. Eleven visually challenged trainees have joined SPI’s Medical Transcription business as MT trainees. Medical Transcription is considered to be an ideal career for the visually challenged as they can opt for home transcription and work from home. The trainees will use JAWS, screen reader which provides the user with access to the information displayed on the screen via text-to-speech.

This value addition promoted SPI in acquiring projects from J.S.S, Polytechnic for Physically Handicapped which is the only polytechnic in the country to offer Medical Transcription training course to visually challenged!

It takes lot of efforts to make those visually challenged eyes sparkle & SPI did it.

What’s your take on these stories?

[Guest article by Kavya of SPI. This article is part of our series inviting entrepreneurs to contribute and win free entry tickets to Nasscom Product Conclave.]

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