The politics of artificial intelligence


The politics of artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence, in settings as diverse as politics, commerce, policing and warfare, amplifies longstanding prejudices circumscribing access to the political public sphere, changing our relations to ourselves and others.

To the algorithm it does not matter whether the target is for capital or for the state: it is indifferent in this sense.

I do think that this relationship between machine learning and capital continues to shift and change. For example, the Cambridge Analytica algorithms were used in commercial and political spheres and in both cases the target output for the algorithm was a propensity to be influenced in a specific way by targeted media (Louise Amoore).

There has been public outcry at the effects of such algorithms on the democratic process –particularly in the Brexit referendum and the election of Trump – but similar algorithms are being used every day to police cities, to stop or to detain people at multiple borders, from railways stations to shopping malls.


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