The Product Strategy Workshop [Update]

Last week, we had our first ever workshop on Product strategy and the response was something that made us feel more confident about the entire concept.

Instead of a ppt driven workshop, we gave real business problem statement (few startups are working on these businesses) to the teams (we formed the team before the event), so that people start thinking/brainstorming before they come for the workshop (look! this is not a corporate workshop, which equates to no-work_shop, i.e. a timepass event).

We only had ~30 slides or so and the entire learning was driven by exercises – right from defining the product strategy (i.e. understand users/define user segments etc) to figuring out competitive landscape etc.

There was a good mix of audience as well – early stage entrepreneurs to sales guys.

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Thanks to all the participants for coming over and a big thanks to our hospitality partner, Evoma Business Center for playing an awesome host and Headstart for supporting us.

Stay for updates on the product management/strategy related workshops.

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