The Real Problem You Solve

People don’t buy products or services because they want them, but because they believe they will solve a problem.

Now, they get to define what that problem is, but in this step, we will explore how businesses that understand, communicate, and promise to solve the real problems their ideal customers face can make a giant leap toward rendering all competition irrelevant.

You make a product or sell a service, hone your pitch, and then get busy prescribing all the benefits, all the solutions, all the award-winning attributes of what you sell to anyone who will listen.

That’s the way it works. You know what people need, and you’ve tailored your solutions to meet what they need. You’ve even given your unique methodology a fancy name and constructed a branded process to deliver results.

Then one day you wake up and conclude that sales aren’t what you had hoped; that sometimes your proposals go nowhere; that you simply cannot get over the hump.

Here is some tough love to get us started. No one wants what we sell. They want their problems solved, period.

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