[Amazingly interesting post by Naman – he breaks down the traffic details of In.com and has some very cool findings to share. Please note that this post is not meant to demean any product, but to understand the importance of a kickass domain name (and the serendipity traffic!)]

Whats in the name? Traffic! Unsolicited traffic!

Well those believing over the success of in.com and thinking that in.com really deserves Alexa rank of 25 (India), need to rethink.
Go to the whois link of in.com, check out the sub-domains section and you will find out for yourself (click on the image for a better view)

Only 19% of the total reach of in.com is actually of the domain in.com.

The rest 81% is “mislead” traffic – that comes in from all sorts of .in domains like gov.in, nic.in, co.in, ac.in, airtel.in, aol.in etc.

How does this happen? Well those using IE must have noticed that when the internet speed is slow or when in other cases if IP address is not resolved, due to congestion or a misspelled domain name, IE automatically goes on to search the domain by suffixing .com, .org, .net etc. to the given domain name.

Suppose if you typed in “abc.ac.in” and if IP address of “abc.ac.in” is not resolved than IE goes on to search “abc.ac.in.com”. And hence lands at on in.com. You can notice the in.com’s redirect link in the address bar in such a case.

in.com has only 3 major sub-domains and these are not the ones mentioned in the who.is data, they are stat.in.com(analytics, probably), BigBoss2 and MTVYouthIcon.

Of course there is no doubt that the content of in.com is useful, that is why the page views is high and 65% of the page views come from the main domain.

But we need to realise that Alexa rank considers high weightage for reach of a domain in ranking it, than the pageviews.(i dont have a proof for this but one can easily notice if you follow Alexa very closely). Hence the rank of in.com has much to do with its name and IE’s functioning than anything else. Most Indian users are using IE as it comes free with windows. And also the internet speed isn’t really good for the Aam Junta.

So until IE does change its functionality, in.com will be enjoying better ranks.

Disclosure: I may be wrong in my discovery. If so, please provide an explanation to the who.is sub-domain data for in.com. Please leave your thoughts in the comments section.

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