The secrets to finding a great spouse

Marrying into money is overrated. If you get it without earning it, baggage comes with it – Nick Huber

The keys to finding a great spouse, a thread.
Don’t spend your time looking for a great person. Spend your time becoming a person great people are attracted to.
If you’re selfless and you focus on making the other person better, you’ll get better, too.
If you’re selfish it’s all about what you can gain, you’ll both make each other worse.
If you keep score and it becomes a negotiation, you’re doomed.
If the person you’re dating has bad habits, those habits sure as hell aren’t changing when you’re married.
20% of the people in this world are emotionally abusive and manipulators. They will sap the life out of you and send yoy to hell.
50% of people are incompetent. Managing a life with someone who makes poor decisions and is unreliable is living hell.
Marrying into money is overrated. If you get it without earning it, baggage comes with it.
Gossip is a byproduct of jealousy and it’s the hardest habit to break. Don’t marry into a culture of this.
Pessimism is cancer. Optimism is happiness.
Life is ducking hard. Find someone who manages stress with grace and a level head.
Money is just like sex. It doesn’t matter unless you don’t have enough of it.
Don’t marry a doctor or a lawyer unless you want to spend your 20s, 30s, and 40s alone.
Workaholics are the worst type of addicts. Don’t marry one.
Making sure your spouse feels secure in body, mind, and spirit is your #1 job.
Getting married won’t change someone’s mind on having kids.
Trustworthiness is more important than attractiveness.
Having things in common is over-rated. People should pursue different interests. Balance is healthy.
Once a cheater, always a cheater.
The perfect person doesn’t exist. When you find someone who checks the main boxes, seal the deal. Time is of the essence.
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