The Stability Stage

There will be a point when your business starts humming along. You have built a product that works well for your customers. You’ve found a pricing model that generates sufficient revenue to pay for the business.

Maybe you’ve committed to the business full-time, and you can already pay yourself a salary.

The important part is that you’ve built a business that has survived long enough to establish repeatable processes around your product and your business. Now is the time to double down on those and optimize them for scaling. You will need to develop methods and approaches that can deal with much larger numbers of interactions and transactions at this stage.

In this stage, you will work on automating the internal processes of the business and on streamlining these operations into resilient and transferable processes.

You’ll focus on having a well-positioned company that looks good to potential partners and has opportunities for sustainable growth. You will be building long-term relationships with customers and turning the business into a brand with a tribe.

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