From the NextBigWhat Forum:The state of mobile, Q2 2013; Challenges in Online selling of Liquor [and more]

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From the NextBigWhat Forum:The state of mobile, Q2 2013; Challenges in Online selling of Liquor [and more]


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The state of mobile, Q2 2013

Samsung dominates by volume and leads on revenue

‘Other’ Android is getting very big (this includes Lenovo etc, of course)

Apple continues to sell at much higher prices than anyone else

The iPad continues to lead on revenue but probably not on volume (and if it does, it won’t be for much longer).


What if.. Marissa Mayer Quits Yahoo? NOW?

KEY INITIATIVES at Yahoo is a 5-year plan (look at Yahoo mail/Flickr for instance) and unless 5-year has reduced to 5-months, the forward looking strategy isn’t clear yet.

And that’s probably inside Marissa Mayer’s head and she is taking her bets in a very calculated fashion.

ixigo cries foul over Cleartrip’s Waytogo route finding and booking tool

..Rival online travel company, ixigo, is crying foul over Cleartrips Waytogo launch. Just two weeks back team ixigo finalised the name “waytogo” for its newsletter, states a post on company’s blog. Notably, a newsletter was sent by the company on July 19 which was titled as “waytogo”.

Now it can be a “Sweet Coincidence” or “……”

Challenges in Online selling of Liquor?

Wanted to understand the challenges in online selling of Liquor/cigarettes in India ?

A scenario is where you just take orders online from customers and the retailer with licenses delivers it to the customer.

How is Delhivery service after Gharpay takeover?

We have been using Gharpay for over an year for delivering our subscription bills on COD. However, in the last few weeks, after Delhivery’s takeover, we are finding a lot of customers complaining about not receiving calls to confirm the order and no one comes down to collect the payments. Their dashboard shows the order has been cancelled but customers call us up asking why no one is calling them.

Is anyone else facing the same issue or sluggishness in Delhivery’s performance?

Letting customers decide the price they want to pay for the product – Generosity Experiment @21fools

India says ‘Thank You’ campaign for soldiers posted on the border.

Last year around 1700 soldiers had a huge smile on their face when they got a Thank you card from the wonderful people who bought it for them. There are around 1 lakh soldiers who are posted on the border and our vision is to reach out to every soldiers and make him smile. The best part of the campaign is that it is based on the concept of – Pay what you wish!

How do Flash Sales websites Source their products?

Was just wondering, how do Flash Sales such as & websites source the Premium products? (Specially Foreign brands)

It is hard to believe they have the license from the Brands to retail, and they are giving it away at throw away prices.

So my Guess is the following: They sell Export Surplus products.

I never ordered one from them (maybe I should), but if they are export surplus do they cut the labels or something to indicate it is not through official channels?

That brings me to the second question: What are the legitimate ways of selling Export surplus.


Paper work to be done before an online grocery shop site is launched

POS systems in India

Indian Startup Map

Reliable Hosting service vendor in India

Bulk SMS Providers


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