Of Top Dating Apps And Fishy IMRB Research

Founder of QuackQuack, Ravi Mittal has raised few serious questions about the credibility of researches being done on startups and the accuracy of the data that is claimed by these research studies.

IMRB research firm has claimed that Woo is the ‘top dating app in India’. Interestingly, the popular dating app Tinder has been ranked no 5 while Badoo and MeetMe tops it.

While that’s the ranking IMRB shared, Play store graph shows a complete different data:

Launched a year back, QuackQuack has 1.1million users and 400,000 app downloads; Woo has 1 million downloads; TrulyMadly has 1 Million downloads; Aisle has 10,000+ downloads while Thrill is not available on the Play Store now. Ravi Mittal rightly points out that how is that Thrill has 5% and Aisle has 1% share and QuackQuack has 0?

Another major flaw in the research study is that the study includes Grindr, which is a gay dating app and inevitably falls under a different segment altogether.

The study does not mention on what parameters the apps have been ranked or studied its sample size or even who was their sample or its size.

Research Or..

“I suspect that IMRB has done it’s research by simply taking a few funded players names, from some random ‘tech blogs’ and adding a few non-Indian apps to the list. How do you miss us out in your so called ‘research’? Because we are bootstrapped and don’t have a say? Our SimilarWeb ranking stands at ~2800 and we get over 4.0 Million pageviews on our mobile and desktop sites and even with 20% of our users using our app, we’re better off than Woo, Aisle, Thrill in terms of app downloads and engagement. Just, HOW DO YOU MISS US OUT?” [Ravi Mittal, source]

Well, research is defined as the systematic investigation into and study of materials and sources in order to establish facts and reach new conclusions.This IMRB research might just set new rules!

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