The Trap Called Build..Build..Build..and Build… #ProdGeeks Conf

“It’s good to learn from your mistakes. It’s better to learn from other people’s mistakes” – Warren Buffett.

If you are a tech founder or you work for a startup and you are sure of getting your salary for this month – well, congratulations!
More than 90% startups are dying and it is time to learn from their mistakes.

And let me tell you one thing.

While founders / companies blame investors, the reality is that most companies die / are dying due to the fact that they ‘never ever’ had a product.

Let me repeat: They ‘never ever’ had a product.
Globally, 42% startups failed because…there was no market need for their product.
In India, the numbers are very very high. In India, most (and I really mean ‘most’) founders / product teams keep themselves (and investors) busy with new features, new launches.

Without talking to customers.
Without building things which customers actually need.
Building in a silo.

In fact, the assumption is that more features = successful product.
And this is what I call BUILD TRAP.
And not just this mistake, there are many such mistakes founders / product teams often commit – and by the time they realize the mistake, the game is already over.
High time you learn from other’s mistakes and fix the foundation.
Ladies and Gentleman:
Presenting to you, my talk on “The Trap Called Build..Build..Build..and Build…” – these are a collection of learning from various startups / products / my own experience and I will be sharing it all at the upcoming ProductGeeks Conf.
There won’t be any recording / live streaming of this session (expect name calling 🙂 )

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Date: April 14th (Bangalore)
Venue: Hotel Park Plaza, Outer Ring Road, Bangalore.
(Partial) Speakers/Agenda:
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ProductGeeks Conf Speakers
ProductGeeks Conf Speakers

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