“The Traps of Design for Mobile Experiences” [Appnomy Topic]

Majority of app developers in India do not care so much about the user experience.

“Not to preach, but look at the UI of Facebook – even though millions use it every day, FB constantly keeps updating the UI. Sometimes the changes are minor and sometimes the overhaul causes major customer (negative) feedback – but the stress on the UI is something that is noteworthy and to be understood in depth. How easy is it for my customers to find the top 3 features of my product? How does it look on a phone? Are the menu items prioritized according to the main features? These are some of the many questions an app developer HAS to keep in mind.[”The Lesser Ambitious Breed Called “Indian App Developers”]

The upcoming Appnomy Conference (scheduled for August 27th) will have a dedicated talk on mobile user experience by Piotr Gajos.piotr

In his own words:

Piotr Gajos is a highly passionate, creative and versatile graphic designer with eight years of experience in print design, five years in graphic user interface and web design and two years in team leadership and project development and management. Especially skilled at creating unusual, attractive designs which attempt to connect art and marketing aspects. Advocate of user-centric design, well-developed observation skill allows him to take great care of user experience by careful research and testing. When he is not pushing pixels, he enjoys traveling in the Far East, playing bizarre video games and listening to sounds which barely fit the definition of music.


Appnomy Agenda: The Onze Story

Onze is an interesting startup which figured out a niche in local/lbs space and just went ahead and cracked deals with retailers. sudarshan

At Appnomy Conference, Onze cofounder, Sudarshan HS will share the Onze story – this is very important for mobile developers who give up so soon.  Persistence is the key and you should be listening to Onze’s story to really know the experiments team did before finding a sweet spot in the market.

“We started building an in-car navigation system for India. We quickly moved onto a different business where we provide local search on SMS, and monetize by selling targeted contextual advertising on it. We have used this platform and have now launched services for retail business, that helps them in their marketing and customer service.

Today, we have two business lines:

  • selling our consumer engagement service for retail businesses. We operate this business in 5 cities and help hundreds of showrooms, hospitals, etc.
  • We host the Latlong service on SMS and Mobile internet to consumers in Bangalore. Lakhs of people use this to locate places in the city. We sell targeted advertisement and help retail brands reach out to consumers on this medium.

When we started our initial business plan, we had very little data and a lot of assumptions. When we learnt more about our market, about our abilities to execute, the business responded by evolving our value proposition, pricing, target audience , etc. [Interview With Onze Team].


» Important Links: Appnomy Conference [In Partnership With txtWeb, Supported by MoMo Bangalore] | Agenda | Apply For The Demo Slot

Date: August 27th, 2011 [Saturday].

Venue: The Oxford PG & UG College, HSR LAYOUT CAMPUS, No.32, 19th Main, 17th ‘B’ Cross, Sector IV, HSR Layout, Bangalore 560 102 [map link].

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