Startup Roundup: The Weight Monitor, Deswe, Why So Serious & Indian Thread

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Startup Roundup: The Weight Monitor, Deswe, Why So Serious & Indian Thread

Besides the startups we profiled in detail this week, here are some that caught our attention. Try The Weight Monitor if you are on a health crusade. Deswe is an etailer. Why So Serious has some of the whackiest gifts online and Indian Thread sells T shirts.

The Weight Monitorweightmonitor

If you are on a weight loss regime give this service a try. The portal provides dietary guidance, daily diet monitoring, and access to a nutritionist. The main focus of the service is on weight loss along with eating the right food. The face behind the service is co-founder Ishi Khosla, a practicing clinical nutritionist, consultant, writer, columnist, researcher, author based out of New Delhi.

The service aims to helps you to track exactly what you eat and drink by maintaining a food diary, as recording all this information can provide an insight into your eating patterns, which is crucial for proper weight loss.


Another new entrant into the already crowded e-retail space. Deswe retails in fashion, footwear and other accessories. With an in-house design team and manufacturing the company plans to sit on top of the latest fashion. The site design is similar to other generic e-commerce websites.

Why So Serious

whysoseriousThis portal some of the most fun and wackiest gifts I’ve come across online. is where you can find the perfect gifts for your friends, with a wide array of products based on comic book characters and other whacky ideas. The portal claims that the products available are produced or procured in limited numbers and are exclusive. They also retail in exclusive and original merchandises from DC Comics, the Big Bang Theory, Star Wars and many other franchises. Try the portal on your next gift shopping.

Indian Thread

Indian Thread is a new e-retail portal that sells custom t-shirts with an Indian theme. The  portal provides users with the option to choose from a range of ‘Indian themed’ designs to customise their t-shirt. The company mainly target Indians who live in the USA. The service hopes to help them customise designs that reflect ideas, sights and thoughts they grew up with and build a t-shirt that reflects who they are. Currently the company ships only to USA and Canada. If you live in the USA and want to get an Indian themed t-shirt give this website a try.indianthread

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