The Yin and Yang Contracts in China == Mama and Bhanja Contracts in India?

*Upfront*: Chinese government is cracking down on celebrity pay now – but says it is needed to deal with "sky-high pay" for actors, "yin and yang contracts" and "tax evasion and other issues". Many celebrities signed two contracts – known as "yin and yang contracts" – and only reported the lower-value contract to the authorities, as a way to evade taxes.
*Background*: China's authorities say actors will have their pay capped at 40% of total production costs.Meanwhile, lead actors cannot be paid more than 70% of total cast pay.It comes after a debate on celebrity pay, and allegations of tax evasion in the film industry.
*Searching Inside*: Almost all of us have one or other time indulged in such Mama-Bhanja tactics, where Bhanja is produced, in lieu of Mama. Why blame filmstars alone. Have you ever done this?

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