The change!

Well, feel free to blast us..feel free to call us names..but we had to do this.

We had to change the overall look and feel of – not by choice, but we were forced to.

Here is why: traffic went up massively – the earlier theme (magazine style) wasn’t the most optimum (failed to scale up).

To share some numbers, each visit to homepage would translate into 7-8 DB requests (magazine/rich themes use whole lot of plugins) and surprisingly, we noticed that most of the users actually used to visit’s homepage first – and the result? A significant increase in CPU usage (even though this site runs on a dedicated server)..and..server crash..i.e. downtime (Infact, the saddest part is that I used to receive very frequent emails/tweets about the downtime)!

Caching solves the issue – but defeats the purpose of a magazine theme!

And that triggered us to change for good – to revert back to something that’s so damn minimalistic that we meet the prescribed yslow numbers.

The theme is inspired from TC, WordPress, Derek and Brajeshwar (he was kind enough of share his theme).

Comments/opinions (will improve upon this theme in the coming days)?

And ofcourse, I will be sharing wordpress tweaks/hacks with the readers of this site (yeah! there are some cool stuff that you can do without using plugins).

What do you think?

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