These Excel formulas and tricks will save you hundreds of hours of work

If you use Microsoft Excel, here are some formulas and tricks that will save you hundreds of hours of work:

MATCH searches and returns the positions of the items in the range.

ISNUMBER determines whether a value is a number and returns True or False.

Because service, books, and dairy are true, they are the only ones on both lists.


SEQUENCE returns a sequence of numbers in an array.

COUNTA counts the number of cells in a range that are not empty.

Combining the two formulas gives you a list with a sequence that continues to populate as you add information to it.


TRIM removes extra spaces from a text string, whether they are at the beginning, middle, or end.

In the example, we had text strings with a lot of spaces.

The spaces were removed when we used the function.

• Difference between lists


1. Highlight both lists holding the ctrl key

2. From home, go to Conditional formatting>Highlight cells rules> Click duplicates

3. In the dialogue box, change from duplicate to unique

This displays items that are different.

• Flash Fill

Here, we create an email list.


1. Type the data in the first two columns
2. Type Ctrl + E to populate the email list

This can be done for addresses, names, and other data that has the same information pattern.

• Remove duplicates

This allows you to remove duplicates for a specific set of data.


1. Highlight the table> go to Data
2. Remove Duplicates
3. In the dialogue box, select the data that you want to remove.

• Delete Empty Cells


1. Select the Data
2. Go to find & Select> Go to Special > Check Blanks
3. Right-click on one of the highlighted cells> Click Delete > Select shift cells left

This can be useful, especially when you have a big set of data.

• Populate information faster


1. Select the data
2. Click F5 or go to special
3. In the dialogue box, click blank
4. Type the sign “=” in the top first empty cell
5. Select the region on top
6. Type Ctrl + Enter

• Quick tool Analysis

Simply select your table and an icon will appear in the bottom right corner.

This tool contains extremely useful information.

You can select charts, format them, perform calculations, and add sparklines.

This is unquestionably a useful tool.

• Analyze Data

Analyze data provides suggestions on how to analyze data in a variety of ways.

It also suggests pivot tables for you to create.

You also have the option to ask a question about the data that you have.

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