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These soft skills will help you grow in your career

For the next 6 months, set aside 40 minutes a day and learn these soft skills to unlock your full potential…
1. Learn persuasion

To get the best in life, learn the best way to ask.


• How
• The right words to use
• When and who to persuade

The lion’s share is negotiated.

2. Learn seduction

In life you’re either seductive or being seduced.

Here are books you should read;

– The mystery method
– The art of seduction
– The truth: A uncomfortable book about relationships.

Which one have you read?

3. Learn how money works.

99% of people are chasing money.

Be different and understand money is created;

You do this by;

– Buying assets
– Building business
– Investing in your health
– Hiring people better than you

The more you create, the more you have.

4. Learn how to stay updated

Know the current trends.

The world is competitive and you should know;

– What’s working now
– What’s best for you
– How to stay on the winner’s side

What worked then might not work today.

5. Learn different ways to invest in yourself

You get respect from;

• Your appearance
• How you talk
• Connections

Do this;

– Invest in clothes, shoes, lotion and sprays
– Have a killer haircut/hairdo
– Sharpen your communication skills

You’ll win over 99% of people.

6. Learn calculated withdrawal

No one will ever complete you.

Being alone shouldn’t translate to loneliness.

Spend time alone to;

– Understand the world around you
– Learn more about yourself
– Guard your energy

The more you spend time alone, the stronger you get.

7. Learn how to network

Success is more about;

• Who you’re
• Who you know
• How many people know you

Do this;

– Learn communication skills
– Talk to new people
– Travel

85% of your success is hidden in connections.

8. Learn how to defend yourself.

Self-defence is both mental and physical.

• Learn how, when and who to fight
• Set boundaries
• Stay humble

The stronger you are, the less you show.

9. Learn humour that works

How you talk and relate with people should be free and fun.

• Be goofy
• Tell jokes
• Be fun to talk to and about

Note: There’s a difference between being fun and funny.

You’ll only be bored if you’re boring.

It’s Monday…Let’s set the week on fire…

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