Things you should never do in an automatic transmission vehicle

Automatic transmission is undoubtedly one of the best inventions in the automobile industry so far. An automatic vehicle is considered to be the most favoured choice among the novice drivers as well as the professional drivers because of the advanced safety features, convenience and driving comfort. Driving a vehicle with automatic or CVT gearbox is less complex than driving a vehicle with manual gearbox as the gear ratio gets automatically changed when the car moves, so that the driver does not require to shift gears manually.
Although cars from automatic-transmission are comparatively easy to drive, there are certain mishaps that can be proved to be vulnerable and will leave parts of your vehicle damaged permanently. Following are the 6 things that should be avoided in an automatic transmission vehicle for a safe driving experience.
Do not slide the vehicle downwards when in Neutral mode
It is important to note that you should not coast the car on downhill while putting the car in neutral mode. There is a misconception that this process saves fuel as the state of the engine remains idle, when in reality, it is not the case. The modern AT vehicles are smart enough to cut down the fuel intake while being driven downhill. Moreover, it takes away the control out of your hand as you can not accelerate the car in neutral mode.
Do not switch to Parking mode until you completely stop the car
Switching to parking mode before the car is fully stopped can cause damage to the parking mechanism as the locking pin which prevents the vehicle from moving could get broken. Most of the modern AT vehicles won’t allow you to do so, because they are equipped with such internal mechanism that restrains from automatically putting your gear to the Park mode.
Do not switch direction all of a sudden
While driving an automatic vehicle, make sure you do not switch directions suddenly until the car is completely stopped. Otherwise, you will be using the transmission for stopping the vehicle rather than letting the brakes to do so.
Do not rev the engine while in neutral mode
Sudden acceleration of the engine while the car is in neutral gear can be harmful to the automatic vehicle. Doing so would damage the clutches, which are used to switch to different driving modes progressively. Because when you are revving the engine in neutral, you are putting more effort into the transmission that affects the gears as well as the internal components of the engine. Hence, you should avoid doing it.
Do not keep the fuel tank running out of fuel
When riding an automatic vehicle, make sure that you do not keep the fuel tank continuously low. Because an AT vehicle relies heavily on the fluid pressure. Otherwise, it can not run properly. Decent quantity of fuel also helps to cool down the engine and keeps other internal components lubricated.
Do not shift to drive mode without warming up the engine
Shifting to the gear suddenly right after starting the engine can cause severe internal damages. Especially during the cold, when the fuel gets thicken and moves very slowly. Hence, it is highly recommended that you warm up the engine for a minute and let the fuel run into the transmission.
The above-mentioned things should be kept in mind while you’re driving an automatic vehicle to ensure better safety, greater fuel-economy and prolonged functionality of the internal parts of your car.

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