This AI based platform wants to help you improve your resume

As more companies shift towards AI parsing through the tons of resumes they receive as part of job applications, here’s a startup that’s interested in helping you get with the times (or AI). Apollo Yard is an AI-powered platform that aims to help you deal with what the founder calls ‘imperfect algorithms’ that are behind the systems used by companies to analyze resumes.

Currently in an early stage, Apollo Yard will analyze your resume to help you hightlight the right skills and achievements for the job. It also provides insights like candidate predictive analytics, resume best practices check and job requirement analysis.

Apollo Yard is an AI-Powered tool that helps candidates tailor their resume to match the job posting and land more job interviews.

When each job posting receives over 300 resumes and more than 75% are rejected by Applicant Tracking System. Apollo Yard, gives you the edge and helps you stand out.

New York

About the founding team :
My name is Salil and I’m the founder of Apollo Yard. My motivation to start Apollo Yard was to help underprivileged people fulfill their potential. I want to use technology to democratize job search process. If someone has the right skills to do the job, they should get the job and not be overlooked by imperfect algorithms.

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