This inflatable jumpsuit wants to solve your travel comfort woes


This inflatable jumpsuit wants to solve your travel comfort woes

Onepiece is an Oslo based startup that has launched a successful Kickstarter for an all-in-one jumpsuit that has a number of interesting features. It includes an inflatable hood, snooze mask, and pockets that allow you to carry quite a lot. Onepiece says that they have designed this specifically for plane seats and travel.

The Inflatable Travel Jumpsuit by Onepiece

The Inflatable Travel Jumpsuit boasts 15+ features, including a fully inflatable hood and neck pillow for a restful sleep on a usually uncomfortable plane seat. Other features include a pull down snooze mask, rear zipper (for easy bathroom breaks) and large detachable chest pockets.


About the founding team :
Onepiece, is a brand of clothing founded in 2007 by three Norwegian men: Thomas Adams, Knut Gresvig and Henrik Børke Nørstrud. The company is known, especially in Europe, as the manufacturer of a popular western adult onesie (a type of casual jumpsuit), the signature product of the brand.

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