This is how Dopamine addiction kills your productivity and causes poor performance

The modern world is destroying your brain

Dopamine addiction causes poor performance and cognitive impairment in professionals

If you’re a working professional and want to

โœ… Fight brain fog
โœ… Lack of focus
โœ… Procrastination

This thread is your all inclusive playbook ๐Ÿงต

Let’s get some facts right first..

Every time you spike your dopamine (from substances, porn, social media, or any habits)

There is an opposite, non proportional reaction which dips your dopamine below baseline.. (Opponent process theory)

Let me explain its relevance..

Think of it like a see-saw,

If you encounter a dopamine spike, one end of the see – saw is raised to the max height..

Now, when the weight drops (coming down from the high)

The see-saw doesn’t come back to the normal balanced stance..

Instead it goes below the normal..

What does this mean for your brain?

When you have dopamine below baseline,

– You have brain fog
– You cannot focus
_ You have no drive to work and perform
– You cannot work for long periods
– You are constantly craving more dopamine
– You need 10X more time to do something

Dopamine plays an important role in complex cognitive functions such as working memory, cognitive flexibility, language and thought, motor planning, abstract representation, temporal analysis etc

(Volkow et al., 1998; Previc, 1999; )


The current lifestyle you live is one of excess stimulation.

Your reward pathways are constantly in overdrive and this is creating long lasting neuroplastic change in your frontal cortex

What does this mean?

If you indulge in an activity repeatedly,

The brain creates neural pathways to perform more efficiently

These pathways fire constantly and are very hard to dissolve

When you indulge in your habits, the addiction pathways you create keep you trapped in this loop of addiction..

How do you fight this?

You need to bring your dopamine back to baseline.

This is only possible through complete abstinence from dopamine spikes & redirection (controlled dopamine injection) via lifestyle changes

Now this concept is not new..

The best addiction treatment centers in the world use this habit breaking protocol..

You first abstain from dopamine spikes and quiet your mid brain (The part responsible for relapse)

Then you strengthen the frontal cortex with coping skills (FC responsible for willpower)

FYI, I use this very treatment modality in my coaching practise.

I help working professionals beat habits and heal their brain chemistry from dopamine abuse

You can apply to work with me here

Guaranteed results or you don’t pay

Now how do you abstain without relapse?

You practice a pro – active systems based approach that is built on awareness.

I will tell you what I do with my clients and you can replicate in your life step by step..

First, initial mindset work to get them invested


3 things you need to transform your life..

1) Powerful emotional reason. The WHY
2) Systems. The HOW.
3) Accountability.

I help my clients walk through a series of exercises to better understand themselves and create that sense of intense desire for transformation..


Trigger identification & awareness training

Each time you spike dopamine you also release glutamate which creates addiction memories

It is this GLU memories that makes you relapse when you hit a trigger..

Ex, you watch a person smoke on TV and you get powerful cravings..

I sit down with my clients and we dissect their lives to list out every trigger they have encountered Or possibly will in the future

2 things happen next,

We train them on how to be aware at all times with some elite training protocols used in the military..

Simultaneously we build out systems for them.

Simple IF-THEN mechanisms like,, IF X happens deploy system Y.

Systems include several training regimens from cognitive therapy, mindfulness, addiction counselling, psychology, etc.

Then we begin implementation.

First we create routines to bring more structure into their lives.

Then employ the systems we built out.

Then introduce new progressive tasks each week to gradually create sustainable lifestyle changes

Never all at once. One step at a time.

How long does it take to heal your brain?

Depends on your condition.

With no lifestyle changes, likely a year.

But if you dedicate yourself and really make some changes like work out, meditation, breath work, cognitive training.. can happen as quickly as 12 weeks..

Practice abstinence and redirect your dopamine cravings onto healthy lifestyle choices.

You will see your life transform in a few months.

P.S, if you’re a working professional and want to

– Beat an addiction
– Build better habits & systems
– Heal your brain chemistry
– Transform your life

@ coaching program is all you need

Guaranteed results or you pay nothing

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