Thousands and Thousands of Micro-judgments

The process of social validation and credibility works the same for brands as it does for doctors. The second a prospective customer is exposed to your brand, whether they’re walking by the storefront of your bakery, checking out your business card, or clicking on your website, they’re using every available indicator to decide whether your company is worth their time.

Sure, every now and then our brains make connections that they shouldn’t, but most of the time, this process works. And it’s a good thing too, since our ability to make these micro-judgments saves us hours of time each day.

As soon as we began to establish some credibility in the marketing community, our brand started gaining traction. Before, visitors would depart our website as quickly as they had arrived. But once our name began to mean something, they started inquiring into our business, presenting themselves as leads rather than bouncing away from the site.

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