Three More Co-Founders Of Housing Quit

The company had raised $90 million in 2014 led by SoftBank in the last round and is now focusing on acquisitions to accelerate growth.

After co-founder Advitiya Sharma left Housing last month, now three other co-founders Abhishek Anand, Ravish Naresh and Sanat Ghosh have quit the Softbank backed company to start their own venture.

“ was our dream, and we are glad to see that the current leadership team is strong, with very accomplished executives working alongside a young innovative team. We are confident that the positive momentum and high-growth at will continue as we move on to our next dream, a new venture,” three co-founders said in a statement to Livemint.

Ten months earlier, Housing’s board had fired Rahul Yadav. And since then, five co-founders have quit the company.

“Abhishek, Ravish and Sanat played an important role in building the foundation of They are moving out to pursue their new dream of starting another new venture. I sincerely thank them for their contributions and wish them the very best. I am sure what they undertake next will be as exciting as Housing,” said CEO Jason Kothari in an email to Livemint.

The company had raised $90 million in 2014 led by SoftBank in the last round and is now focusing on acquisitions to accelerate growth.

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