Does three letter ‘IIT’ makes a lot of difference?

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Does three letter ‘IIT’ makes a lot of difference?

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This article is a result of a chat i had with Amit Aggarwal an ex IITian who is the creator of ‘mnemonic dictionary

Everyday you read in newspapers that “Someone from IIT (or IIM) rejected big placement offer to do abc”

Some IITians are now authors of top selling novels {Chetan bhagat,Tushar raheja},many have started their own business,Some are rolling out projects like ‘mnemonic dictionary’ strangely some like Kaushalendra have even opted to sell vegetables.

They are rejecting huge pay packages to start with something that may not be very promising but ‘IIT’ this three letter tag can easily get you media attention even if you haven’t started anything great. And once you are able to attract media, half of the work is done (soon you’ll get people who are ready to invest in your dreams).

But does that mean only IIT and IIM students think this way ? Well I won’t agree to that, students in other institutions are also very creative and are full of ideas but they are not that lucky, i won’t say that they don’t get opportunity but they are actually blindfolded and they don’t see it and this is because the environment in most of the institutions is not competitive. Copying assignments and getting projects made from shops is very common and these institutions are least bothered because they know no matter what happens their seats will get filled every year.

But if you are determined to do something then no one can stop you…These days you also find students from other institutions creating wonders but that percentage is still very low.

One major reason why students are not able to turn their dreams into reality is the risk involved. For IITians, its easy to kick off jobs and start with something and even if they fail they can go back and take up jobs in any IT company but for others campus placements matters a lot because once you are out of campus it gets too difficult to find a job.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way! if you have passion for something than get up and get going because now is the time to turn your dreams into reality…


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