Thrill, A Dating App Totally Controlled by Women! [bigMobilityConf Demo #9]

thrill-logoThe dating app space is heating up and while this was considered a Western phenomenon till not very long back. Now a number of apps are being launched to target Indians specifically.

Thrill is an Android app, that is a fresh, safe take on meeting new people around you in India. What makes Thrill different is that it is controlled by women. While men can apply to join, they can only begin using the app if the women on the network approve.

The female users vote guys up and down in the application list and only the best ones make the cut. Thrill says they are “about quality, not quantity.”

Women get membership to the network automatically. Once a man is allowed to join he anonymously find someone “Thrilling” or “Not Thrilling”. If that person feels the same, an intro is made and from there you’re on your own.

According to the developers Thrilling can be anyone with a decent number of friends and interests; a profile picture that is genuine; someone who invites and gets ‘voted up’ by female friends and one who is young. Not Thrilling can be – being married or having a girlfriend; having only a few or no friends on Facebook; having a snapshot of a celebrity or a cartoon character as the profile picture and being a creep.

A man and a woman are matched using their interests from their Facebook or LinkedIn profiles.

The app has been built by a Singapore-incorporated startup that was founded by Josh Israel and Devin Serago in November 2012.

You can download the Android app here. The iOS app is expected to be released very soon.

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