Dating App Thrill Pivots to a Tinder Like App. Adds Velfies

Thrill has also added video profiles, Velfies – users can view 5-10 second video clips of people.

Dating app, Thrill which lets women control the dating world has pivoted to a Tinder like app.

The new Thrill app has stream, which includes all your potential matches who you can rate Thrilling or Not Thrilling, any chats that people are sending you, and also any other notifications such as a match made. This allows people to easily see and react to what’s going on in Thrill without interrupting their main experience.

Thrill Dating App
Thrill Dating App

In addition to that, Thrill has also added video profiles (Velfies, i.e. video selfies!) – users can view 5-10 second video clips of people who have uploaded videos, and record ones of their own in short-Vine/Instagram style bursts (download the Android and iOS app).

“With iOS alone in 2 weeks, we’ve had 1.1 Million profile cards viewed and over 550,000 have been rated (Thrilling or Not Thrilling)”, mentions Cofounder Josh.

The current user base has a male:female ratio of about 70:30 right now. In one of the earlier pieces, we talked about how Tinder has gained Indian market and why Indian dating companies need to really think mobile-first and importantly, build on micro-interactions.

So, tell us : Tinder or Thrill?

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