TiE Canaan Entrepreneurial Challenge 2008 – Winners announced

TiE Canaan Entrepreneurial Challenge 2008 results are out and the winners are Druvaa, iKen and Equitas.

  • Druvaa is into data protection and backup storage space, which has received funding from IAN and Accord Interntational (HK).
  • iKen Solutions is a software company specializing in intelligent business systems backed by hybrid AI (Artificial Intelligence) techniques. It is an IIT Bombay research spin-off.
  • Equitas is a Chennai based microfinance orgainisation that extends micro credit to people who are otherwise unable to access finance from the mainstream banking channels.

Congrats to the winners.

Are you surprised that there weren’t any Internet/Mobile startup in the list (check out the list of 8 finalists as well)?

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