Tiger Text, An iPhone App For Messaging Is Indian Govt’s Next Target [iControversy]

While we aren’t yet done with Blackberry controversy in India, Indian government is now targeting an iPhone app, Tiger Text that destructs messages after it is read by the user.

How Does Tiger Text Work?
When sending a regular text message, the message sent will live on the receiver’s phone until the recipient decides to delete it. The text message will also reside on the cell phone company’s server for an unlimited amount of time. The sender controls when the message is deleted from the recipient’s phone and the TigerText server. ??

Importantly, Tiger Text app uses the data connection on your phone (not SMS). Indian security agencies are worried that this application will be used by spies and anti-social elements to communicate without being detected.

This application will be operational through a server located in US. The use of this service by Indian service providers may create problems to law enforcement agencies (LEA) in their operational activities. DoT has been requested that instructions may be issued to all service providers that before launch of this service, proper arrangements for interception and monitoring is set with prior approval of LEAs [source]

Important to note that Intelligence Bureau Wants Telcos To Store Call Records For 5 Years and security has been a huge concern among Indian bureaucrats.

What’s your take on this issue? Don’t you think that technology will always be ahead of ‘bureaucrats’ imagination and the best way to handle is to create deterrents for ‘budding’ terrorists.

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