How to grow traffic on your TikTok videos? Here are simple hacks

Four weeks ago, I committed to posting 6+ TikToks/week to prepare an audience of expecting moms for my @useanja launch. I’ve gained 8k followers (85% women ages 25-35 – most are TTC or pregnant). I hit 10k yesterday! 5 hacks that push videos on the TikTok algorithm:
1) Incentivize comments -Ask a question in the caption -Ask another question in the comments section -Publicize an opinion/advice (inevitably drives debate)
2) Incentivize shares -Put CTAs in the caption or comments ie “Share with your pregnant friend!” -Send your creator friends’ videos to themselves/vice versa
3) Condense videos – the algorithm favors videos that viewers watch completely or more than once -Try to make <15s videos -Split videos into part 1,2 videos -Film a short video with captions that take a while to read (Fun fact: songs are getting shorter to accommodate this)
4) Put captions around your profile icon -Add a CTA ie “click + if you agree” (+ makes you follow the user) -Profile clicks boost videos h/t @itsmeralarik (200K+) does this. Her like to follower conversion rate is 7%, compared to the average 1% (@charlidamelio’s is 0.0125%)
5) Go live consistently – the algorithm favors active creators i.e. if a video is going viral (My KPI is reaching 2K+ views in its first 3 hours), going live for ~30 mins will almost always boost it to 10k views
P.S. Halfway through my 4 week experiment, I started advertising my waitlist for @useanja in my videos. It’s resulted in a follower to waitlist signup conversion of 15%. The only CAC is 10 minutes of my time/video🥳 Excited to keep building!


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