Times Group Defines Twitter Policy For Journalists; Links Salaries As Well

Lsat year, the Times group wanted journos to share their social media account and passwords, but the process never took off. But now, the group has come up with new set of policies that clearly directs its journalists to create handles that also carries the brand name (toi/et etc) suffix.

Emails accessed by Newslaundry suggests employees to “ensure” that the name of the brand is mentioned in “CAPS”.

Plus, the bio should clearly mention the brand affiliation. The journos should also mention “Views expressed are personal” (even though they are asked to put the brand name suffix) !

And in order to get more journos to get active on Twitter, the group will measure performance based on journos’ twitter activity (they have been asked to tweet at least two stories a day).

Well , the times they are *not* changing !

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