Times of India is India’s Most Viewed Video Publisher on Facebook: Report

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A Cisco forecast predicts that video will represent 69% of all consumer-based Internet traffic by 2017 and will rise to 80% by 2019. One company that is catching up to this, is Facebook.

For aspiring video creators in the country, Facebook can be a great platform that can give immediate feedback from the audience. They can then incorporate it in their overall content strategy and try to leverage other platforms like YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram. For both traditional and new age digital media brands, Facebook can give an astounding reach (as evident by the massive number of views on videos) and help create a solid market positioning in a noisy and crowded marketplace.

According to an industry study by video intelligence company Vidooly, Times of India is India’s most viewed video publisher on Facebook in overall & traditional news category with over 112 million views just in October. Starplus sits at the top of ‘Traditional Entertainment Media Brand’ category with 26 million+ views and is followed closely by Zoom TV (25 million+) & HistoryTV 18 (24 million+).

Some of the other interesting names in the overall leaderboard are Aaj Tak, Hebbar’s Kitchen, ScoopWhoop, Buzzfeed India, Glamrs, The Logical Indian, PopXo, Scroll, and others.

The study by Vidooly was conducted spanning 6 categories of content such as Health & lifestyle, New age entertainment, Traditional entertainment, New age news, Traditional news, Individual creators & over 5,000 Facebook video publishers in India.

Talking about the research Subrat Kar, CEO and co-founder of Vidooly said, “India is right now at the center of Facebook’s growth strategy. With around 142 million monthly active users in the country, it is a platform that brands or video creators cannot ignore! Despite YouTube still being the go-to platform for most video creators in the country, Facebook is fast catching up and attracting new creators to its platform.”

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