Timescity App Lists Restaurants, Nightlife, Movies and Events All in One App

The app helps users to keep a quick and easy tab on restaurants, pubs, bars, theatres, movies in addition to events like music concerts, fairs, exhibitions & festivals.

timescity-logoOften there are multiple things happening in a city at the same time. We may not know if we want to grab a bite, go for a drink, watch a movie or go to a play/concert. While there are tons of virtual city guide apps which deal with restaurant listing, movie & event listings, these are mostly standalone apps and there are not many apps which deal with all the categories in one app.

This is where Timescity.com, the lifestyle portal of Times Internet, which has just launched its mobile app comes in. The app helps users to keep a quick and easy tab on restaurants, pubs, bars, theatres, movies in addition to events like music concerts, fairs, exhibitions & festivals.

Other apps which include multiple category listings include Taazza’s Localbeat app and the burrp! app.

The great bit about the Timescity app, is that content from Timescity.com & Times Food & Nightlife Guide have been merged which enables users to read reviews, lookup addresses and phone numbers, get directions and call restaurants from within the app itself.

The app has content for users from Mumbai, Delhi NCR, Bangalore, Goa, Jaipur, KolKata, Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad, Chandigarh and Ahmedabad.

The app actually looks like an upgraded version of TimesPoynt which was also powered by Timescity.com and has been in the app stores for some time.

 The app is currently available for Android, iOS and BlackBerry but other platforms will be supported soon.

Android App Review

We tried out the Android app on a Galaxy Nexus and this is what we thought.

The app is very well designed with big bright icons on the home screen to signify restaurants, bars & clubs and events.

Movie listings have been given prominence on the home page with movie posters of now playing movies displayed. One can swipe to the right to see more movies. Clicking on explore movies will take you to the complete listing of movies around you. There is also a big search field, which is placed prominently since this is actually the essence of the app.

When one is exploring, there are tabs for the main categories on top. We found this to be good since one could easily switch categories without having to go to the main screen or use a menu button.

Clicking on any category will give you the listings sorted by distance. This can be further filtered by distance, locality, ratings, date, time, venue, price so there is always something for everybody all the time. While searching for a locality the app pops up suggestions. One can also view the listings on a map.

The restaurant  listings shows the distance to the place from your current location, the locality and cost for 2 on the results page itself. This is good for a quick glance before one goes into the detailed page which would give you the full address, contact number, landmark, facilities, reviews, menu and also photos of the place.

We found the font to be a little too small here and also the listing of some of the restaurants we checked seem to be less detailed than that of the Zomato app. Also comparing the design of the app to Zomato, this app is very basic. There is no way to filter restaurants by cuisine.  One can read reviews from both prominent critics and also users.

The app is suppose to allow one  to browse ongoing and upcoming events like food festivals, theatre plays, karaoke nights, book launches and music concerts. Unfortunately in our testing, the events section was always empty.

The movie section has cinema listings, movie trailers and movie reviews. Unfortunately you can’t book any tickets from within the app itself.

Like with most apps in this space, users can also post reviews and share details via Facebook, Twitter, SMS or email.

Overall we found using the app to be quite pleasant but would like it if the text font size is increased and the user interface gets a bit more polishing. Also in time we hope the listings get a bit more detailed and more cities are added to the listings.

So, planning something for this weekend? Do give the Timescity app a spin and see if you can spot something that interests you.

Download: Android, iOS, BlackBerry

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