Times Internet Limited to shut its e-mail service by February next year

Indiatimes Notice

Times Internet Limited, has decided to shut its email services Indiatimes mail. The service has been closed from Monday new users can’t register any more, said the Digital arm of media conglomerate Times Group.

Yesterday, Indiatimes had put a notice on website saying the email service will stop accepting new users from 19 November 2012, and Indiatimes email will permanently shut down from 18 February 2013, at 12 PM Indian Standard Time.

We have written to Times Internet Limited and will keep you posted when we hear from them.

Post this decision by Times Internet Limited (TIL) – users will not be able to send and receive mails or access their accounts for reading mail and transfer any data (emails, tasks, documents, folders, appointments, and/or contacts) after February 18.

The email service of TIL started in 1999 and relaunched in 2007, however  Indiatimes had tough competitors like Google, Microsoft and Yahoo. These reasons probably forced Indiatimes to pull the plug on its email service, which anyways had few takers in the new new world of email services.

If you want to save your Indiatimes email, go here.

Good move?

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