Times Internet Has a Point; Launches TimesPoints, Redemption Portal For Times Network Loyalty


Times Internet Has a Point; Launches TimesPoints, Redemption Portal For Times Network Loyalty

times pointsTimes Internet has launched TimesPoints, a redemption portal for its loyalty program. The loyalty program currently includes properties of Times Internet Limited and Times Business Solutions Limited. The company also plans to integrate users across print, radio and television in the future.

Essentially, users who consume more content on Times Group properties, will be rewarded with badges and loyalty points that can be redeemed against physical goods on the TimesPoints redemption portal.

The product was launched as a pilot back in 2012 by Times Internet Limited by Times Internet CEO, Satyan Gajwani. According to the company, more than a million people are already part of the program.

Users can earn activity points on the on the service by sharing and recommending articles, viewing photos and videos or by contributing reviews and commenting on articles. “Users have been amassing points since we launched TimesPoints a year ago. We always intended to give users a way to capitalize on the value of those points, and this lets us do that,” Gajwani told NextBigWhat.

Depending on the activity on the network, users are awarded badges like Pollstar, Newsking, Nightrider etc and they also get featured on the TimesPoints leader board across participating sites. Users can compete against each other to win badges too.

TimesPoints will also allow users to  track their own activity and badges on the and see how they have been faring within their network.

times points leader board

The system receives nearly 3-5 million requests a day. The service is currently live across TOI, Navbharatimes, Maharashtra Times, Speakingtree, Times City , Magic Bricks and ET.

The redemption portal lists various products in the custom catalogue at various point slabs. the products include web cameras, Induction cook-tops, perfumes, branded watches etc. The custom catalogue is refreshed every 6 hours to include different items. “We have a large catalogue of products which includes home-ware, electronics, kids goods, wellness products and cosmetics,” said Gajwani.

Integration with print products will start from November of this year.

The company soon plans to add Zig wheels and Gaana to the service, also integration with external clients are planned for the next financial year.


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