Tinder Meets Bollywood. Is This The Business Model Tinder Has Been Waiting For?

After Facebook, Twitter and G+ film makers have found Tinder to be the ideal platform for film promotions now.

Commitments and ‘serious’ relationships are not really a thing for the young crowd anymore and no one is really interested in the Laila-Majnu love-forever stories. Life is fast and commitment-less fun is an important part of it. Tinder helps!
Now there is this new movie coming up – Happy Ending, based on two commitment-phobic youngsters Yudi and Aanchal played by Saif and Illeana (Is Saif really that young?). The makers of this movie have found a new platform to market the film and it does make sense – they’re using Tinder!

Aanchal's Tinder profile
Aanchal’s Tinder profile
Tinder is a free dating app that checks for similar Tinder users in a set radius around you based on gender and age preferences. Swipe across the various user results to find the one that you want to hook up with and you might just have a chance! (Honestly, I sat on it day & night with no luck. Yea, that happened).
So what did the Happy Ending guys do?
Well, just promotions.
They created profiles for Yudi and Aanchal on Tinder. You can find them by scanning your radar on Tinder. Then you find a match with them (Well, of course they are not gonna reject you. You are their potential audience!) and start chatting. Right when your brain starts to think of going on a date will Ileana (Oh! Ileana!) you get an invite from her to go watch the movie with her (Like that’s gonna happen. Wait, did you really think it would? Ah, you silly boy!) on the 21st of November – that’s when the movie releases in ‘theatres near you’.
Tinder Meets Bollywood
Tinder Meets Bollywood
Oh yea, girls (or guys) won’t find any better luck with Saif either! He too is only gonna invite you to the movie – On 21st December – in theatres near you!
Well the point here is that Tinder is growing in India. People are clear about what they want and there is a huge user base growing for the app. You can find a number of articles on the Internet which reads – ‘I Tried the Tinder app And This Is What Happened’. Try reading this one. But movie marketers have tapped in to this one as well, like Facebook, Twitter, G+ and the many more weren’t enough.
Anyways, go ahead and give it a try. You never know who (and what) is waiting for you out there!
What’s interesting is that there are several Tinder competitors in India (recently Lightspeed invested in Vee), but given the network effect in dating products, Tinder definitely has an edge! And maybe, promotions like these could be the big business model for Tinder.
Swipe right?

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