Out Of Luck Oldies: Tinder Plus Costs More If You’re Older Than 28

Thank the heavens, we haven’t seen any instances of differential pricing in India just yet

Tinder, everyone’s favourite dating app, just launched its paid version in Europe – Tinder Plus, that lets users undo accidental swipes and expand location-based search options.
Surprisingly the company has gone in for an odd pricing strategy, apparently charging users that are over the age of 28 £14.99 a month, while younger users pay just £3.99 per month.
On the face of it, it does seem to be a case of milking older users who have larger disposable incomes, though it could also be about aligning costs with supply-and-demand – the older you are, the lesser the number of potential matches you’ll have on Tinder.
Given that Tinder merely scrapes personal information from a user’s Facebook account, cheating the system is as simple as changing birth dates on the social network. The question that remains is – how comfortable are you dating someone who lies about their age?
In India, subscribing to Tinder Plus will set you back Rs 183.44 (of $2.99) per month, though no cases of differential pricing have been reported just yet.
[Source: London Evening Standard] If you’ve come across differential pricing for Tinder Plus in India, do let us know.

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