Of TinyOwl Drama & The NextBigIdea : BAAS

So TinyOwl saga has taken a new turn with employees holding the cofounder hostage in Gurgaon office. The company is not just laying off employees, but is also shutting down 4 offices.

TinyOwl which recently raised 50 crores from Sequoia Capital and Matrix partners is seeing an outburst from its employees in Gurgaon.
The employees are blaming the founding / leadership team for lack of strategy, business model and flawed backend and the cofounder, Saurabh Goyal has been held hostage by the Gurgaon team (they want answers to obvious questions).

Who is to be blamed here? Like we said earlier, it’s time for startups and investors to clean up their mess this Diwali.

The NextBigIdea : BAAS

The ‘Uber for X’ concept has gotten Indian investors totally mad about these ideas and we certainly believe that the next big Unicorn idea is BAAS, i.e. Bouncer As A Service.

iBAAS : The Next Unicorn
iBAAS : The Next Unicorn

Strictly an app-only model (you don’t know where/when will you be held hostage – anywhere from loo to meeting room), BAAS startup will use a mix of drones and AI (+ other jargons) to save you from your own employees! The most amazing feature will be voice activation (you won’t get the time to open the app, in all probability). All you have to do is shout ‘Meri Baas’ and the app will automatically ping the nearest bouncer to your address.

On a serious note, after the TinyOwl incident, we have been hearing about other founders hiring bouncers to save themselves from such situations.

Welcome to Indian startup ecosystem !

Image credit: shutterstock