TinyOwl Founder’s Official Response : Some difficult steps towards the big dream

There is a lot of drama happening at TinyOwl and the cofounder Harshvardhan has shared an update on the official blog:

As part of this process, we have restructured the organization to increase the organization’s efficiency and productivity, involving eliminations of certain positions from the company. It indeed was a very difficult step for us. But I believe some difficult steps need to be taken for the best interests of the company and to stay true to its vision in the longer run. As part of our efforts towards refurbishing the brand in the current scenario, our focus is to optimize our current resources and move towards a better ecosystem of business management, with a strong and robust backend. This development, however unfortunate, is a step towards sustainability and growth.

Every company goes through its set of difficulties in its journey, and in my opinion, we are fortunate to see these hardships in our earlier days itself. It gives us a chance to adopt the learnings, imbibe the same in our business model and lay stronger foundations for the brand from a long term perspective. We scale operational resources back from 4 cities and will move to the e-sales platform going forward to support customer needs and supply and logistics requirements. Our current focus remains to be building TinyOwl as a sustainable, profitable and scalable business, with the aim to add more value to our partners and continue to offer the best of food ordering experience to our customers. [source]

What’s your take on this ? Seems quite focused on the decision part (which is good) but stays away from addressing the core issues raised by employees? Seriously, is it written by the founder of the PR team?

  1. Its simple.. Kids tell the same thing after some thing happened suddenly, wont they know when hiring people that what is the strategy how to go ahead or grow a head like that.. its like you hire when in need and fire when not in need. this will reflect a lot in negative way in startup system.

    Tomorrow who will trust working for a startup. If companies fire hundreds of employees who’s fault is this?

    like tinyowl housing laying off hundreds, like this how many startups will give pink slip to how many hundreds and thousands of employees? where these people have to go and finally who is going to suffer.

    you IIT or IIIT’ians are not building some thing, you actually are creating a fear in the eco system.

    Flipkart, snapdeal major e com companies are still getting funded, no profit, and if some surprise happens and if you people say ” Oops Something happened and we learnt now ” its good for you to say that word, because you created some thing and already you earned for your self but what about thousands of employees working under you. I Government ready for this ? or private sector ready for this ?

  2. “we have restructured the organization to increase the organization’s efficiency and productivity, involving eliminations of certain positions from the company”
    Gimme a break! WTF are you even trying to say Harshvardhan?
    Atlast have the guts to come out openly, apologise and make an honest statement for this huge crazy screw up which just blows employees’ life. Folks on salary are on many monetary commitments and you cant just screw around hiring in hundreds and firing the same way!
    Get some good brains on the board, strategise and operate in a more practical way. There’s a huge learning for all startups in this TinyOwl fiasco i believe.

  3. Just give up and move on…StartUps never come back…LOL…They are already in the bottom…Nothing has made StartUps make a come back ever..

    May be you can fool some VCs…The biggest bakra in town is SoftBank …

    This is just all words, words and words..

  4. Its just Bakra competition …Just like Housing…They are trying to get another Bakra aka VCs to invest in IIT and IIM…

    Just because someone is from IIT, IIM does not mean they are a billion dollar cow…

  5. IIT, IIM are over hyped in India. There is X factor that makes you truly successful…

    Actually, All non-IItian startsup like Shaadi, Naukri, redbus, freecharge are the only ones who did well in India so far.

    All IIT startups are struggling.

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