TinyOwl Founder’s Official Response : Some difficult steps towards the big dream

There is a lot of drama happening at TinyOwl and the cofounder Harshvardhan has shared an update on the official blog:

As part of this process, we have restructured the organization to increase the organization’s efficiency and productivity, involving eliminations of certain positions from the company. It indeed was a very difficult step for us. But I believe some difficult steps need to be taken for the best interests of the company and to stay true to its vision in the longer run. As part of our efforts towards refurbishing the brand in the current scenario, our focus is to optimize our current resources and move towards a better ecosystem of business management, with a strong and robust backend. This development, however unfortunate, is a step towards sustainability and growth.

Every company goes through its set of difficulties in its journey, and in my opinion, we are fortunate to see these hardships in our earlier days itself. It gives us a chance to adopt the learnings, imbibe the same in our business model and lay stronger foundations for the brand from a long term perspective. We scale operational resources back from 4 cities and will move to the e-sales platform going forward to support customer needs and supply and logistics requirements. Our current focus remains to be building TinyOwl as a sustainable, profitable and scalable business, with the aim to add more value to our partners and continue to offer the best of food ordering experience to our customers. [source]

What’s your take on this ? Seems quite focused on the decision part (which is good) but stays away from addressing the core issues raised by employees? Seriously, is it written by the founder of the PR team?

What do you think?